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  1. Jun 27,  · My music tape cassette (yea I know, old fashioned) will not fast forward or rewind, but it will play. I really need to rewind it frequently as I am learning the song on it. Has anyone any tips please. By the way, other tapes are working, and I have the same problem in another cassette player.
  2. Feb 16,  · I have a trunk of old original music cassette tapes from the 80's which I have been going though and dumping music into the computer. Half of this work is just to get the music into a more stable format. The other half is so I don't have to worry about these silly tapes anymore. I have 3 or four tapes that just won't function.
  3. I recently acquired an old cassette deck/record player combo from around the mid 80's I believe, and have been having some issues with the cassette deck in it. The deck rewinds and fast forwards well, however play does not work. When you press play the capstan and pinch roller move at the correct speed, but the takeup spool is locked in place.
  4. I assume you’re talking about audio cassettes as opposed to VHS. I used to have a lot of cassettes, not a massive amount, but more than a few. I am old enough to have experienced vinyl records as more than just a curiosity, but as a way to listen.
  5. Apr 18,  · Why the Cassette Tape Is Still Not Dead From its last major manufacturer to its indie label champion, here’s how the jewel of s audio kept its grip on the American music scene.
  6. Dec 11,  · CDs have significantly higher quality than cassette tape. One metric of quality is signal to noise ratio (SNR). The SNR on a CD is 96dB. This is wide enough that many CD players SNR is really dictated by the analog reinundewithcosul.anoferzitofetibucknessivovil.infoinfo basic SNR of a Phi.
  7. Nov 29,  · The splined tool fits in to your cassette lockring, and the wrench turns it. This image (below) shows how the whole arrangement works – and explains why you need a chain whip. When the cassette turns in the direction of the red arrows, the pawls inside the hub engage. This stops the cassette from spinning, and allows you to pedal the bike.
  8. Cassettes buying guide. Category: Components. Your cassette is an integral part of your bike’s drivetrain. Found on the drive side of your rear hub, it consists of a number of circular metal discs with teeth around the edge, ranging from small to large – these are called ‘sprockets’.
  9. Sep 20,  · Cassette tapes were the first portable music media format and the ability to easily (and cheaply) record music, or any other content, have made cassettes the dominant music media format through the 80s and 90s. Even today, the walkman remain the symbol of coolness. Here are some of the main reasons why cassette tapes are making a comeback.

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